The music we play covers the whole spectrum required for Barn Dances, including tunes from England, Scotland, Ireland, USA etc. and, although the main line-up is accordion, guitar and concertina, each member of the band plays a variety of instruments and will change according to the tune played. As well as the lively jigs, reels and polkas used for the Barn Dances we can play slower waltzes and ballads for couple dances. If there is a large number of children known to be in attendance, we can provide a special programme, including songs, games and prizes. 

All the dances are fully explained by an experienced and patient “Caller” who will lead you through the dances before taking off to the music. While everyone takes a well-deserved breather, the band will continue to entertain with tunes and songs and, during a longer break, during which food may be served, we can play recorded music or CD’s through our PA system.



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